We’re holding auditions!!!

We are thrilled to announce that Bray Gospel Choir will be holding AUDITIONS for new members on Thursday 27th February! This is your chance to join Bray Gospel Choir and get involved with a fantastic group of singers! 

How we got started 

Our group was created in January 2009 by four friends, Ross, Serena, Ruth and Alex. They all had their own unique performance experiences, and each came from varied musical backgrounds. In 2019, Bray Gospel Choir celebrated 10 years as a choir and held numerous performances throughout the year to celebrate. Our choir is always growing and this year we are thrilled to hold auditions for new members to join us! 

Choir auditions

How do I prepare for the audition?

Absolutely everybody goes through an audition before joining Bray Gospel Choir.  so that we can get a good sense of your vocal range (are you a Soprano, Alto, Bass or Tenor?). Anyone interested in joining the choir will be asked to sing one song – or a part of a song – on their own, A Cappella (unaccompanied).

Do I have to sing a Gospel hymn?

Well, we recommend singing your favourite song – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a gospel Song! Most people choose a song that they like, and feel comfortable singing on their own without musical accompaniment. It’s usually easier to remember the words of a song you really, really like too! Click here to see a small sample of our Bray Gospel Choir repertoire

It’s a good idea to practise singing in front of a mirror so that you can see how you look and how your posture is while singing. Or better yet, ask a family member or friend to listen to your song choice and help you with the lyrics. Not everyone in the choir like to sing solos, and some of our members are choir members because they love to sing in a group – but everyone has auditioned to join the group so we know how nerve racking it can be for some people! 

OK I want in! How do I sign up? 

We have had a tremendous response so far, but there are still some audition times available. If you are interested in joining the choir, please  email us and we’ll give you an audition time slot for Thursday 27th of February, 2020.

Auditions will be held at The Martello, Strand Road, Bray. Click here for directions. 

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